Wedding Season! Alyse and Kevin’s Wedding

At one point during the reception, this happened:

It was a freakin’ blast!

Since this is massively delayed, let’s get right to it!

Top 5 Moments

1) Kevin’s Face When Alyse Walked In  – Mr. Ihaveacommentforeverything was absolutely crying speechless and it was completely adorable.

2) Bridal Party!  – The bridal party has known each other for years. Think high school mixers and underage keg parties. Now add ten years and formal wear. SO FUN! Plus, Keagan was the ring bearer in a pink seersucker bowtie and suspenders (pic is below!).

3) Mr. Fiori’s Toast– We knew he was going to do some sort of “performance” when it came to his speech (Mr. Fiori is a character for sure!). He perched himself on the dance floor in front of the band and started out talking about Alyse and Kevin and how they’re best friends (so true). Then he moves onto wedding planning. How first you book the venue. Then you look at the food/menu. Then, you make sure the bar is stocked. Then you make sure there’s a great band to entertain everyone. And then you realize who is sitting in the room…family, friends, friends who have become family…and you realize…symbols start to shimmy…there’s a guitar strum. We knew it was coming…the drummer starts the beat…and he starts belting out, “I get by with a little help from my friends…” and you think this is it, the song is the big moment. And then you look at the adult side of the dancefloor and see Mrs. Fiori leading a line of the family and friends who are dancing towards the dancefloor. And you look at the kids side and see the bridal party shimmying in. And with that, it was Dance Party USA. The dancing LITERALLY didn’t stop all night. Speaking of which…

4) The Dance Floor – Amazing playlist (perfect blend of new jams and old favorites), my dad being a dance floor animal and Alyse, Kevin and Mr. Fiori all being on people’s shoulders.

5) The After After Party – There are 3 parts to this. One, Alyse and Kevin have been known to go out to dinner, which turns into drinks, which turns into dancing which turns into a late night out in New York…by themselves. They are completely hilarious little party animals and the After After Party was no exception. They were rockin’ out at the hotel bar well into the night. Two, this was also the portion of the night where Kim went on a monologue about how she feels a connection to Philadelphia because of all the time she’s spent there and the people she’s become close with. I love Kim. Three, I threw a completely ridiculous fit about ordering nacho’s that weren’t ready when the cab came to get me and Brad. And I woke up on Sunday morning completely amused humiliated.

The Weekend in Pictures:

Bridesmaids Luncheon

After gallivanting around for awhile and re-enacting the Sound of Music “So Long, Farewell” song (okay, maybe that was just me), it was time to switch gears for the rehearsal (which went very smoothly) and dinner.

Rehearsal Dinner

Aunt Patty with Alyse and Lis

Some of the gang

At the end of dinner, it was time for the slideshow. Alyse and Kevin were caught kissing at recess in fourth grade and their school sent home letters to the Stach’s and Fiori’s about their deviant behavior (really, you can’t make this stuff up). Mr. Stach read the letter to the crowd as a hilarious introduction to the slideshow.

Fiori’s are ready!

Stach’s are ready!

Wedding Day! Getting Ready


OMG Aunt Alyse! You look stunning!

Lis, is my bowtie straight? ARE YOU SURE?


Napkin holder by Pomme and drink stirrer by Alyse

Alyse and Kevin

Ceremony: St. Monica’s Church

Reception: Pomme Radnor


10 thoughts on “Wedding Season! Alyse and Kevin’s Wedding

  1. BOOVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It’s rachel pinsen and rachel bell in nyc at dinner writing to you – miss you and your beauty and cheer. you are such a great photographer! happy summer to you. you are gorgeous !

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